Ginny's Cafe

ADDRESS : 941 Route 12 , Frenchtown, NJ 08825
PHONE NUMBER : 908-996-1000


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Soft Serve at Ginny's

The first day of real Spring weather is upon us. Ginny's is up and running for the all summer treat; Soft Ice Cream. We have vanilla, chocolate and twist available. We also offer 19 different hard ice cream choices and new exciting Sundae ideas. We can make a milk shake out of any of our hard ice creams and we have an assorted variety of toppings. This year we are featuring a new "Salted Caramel" syrup that is delicious over ice cream or flavoring for a shake. And, of course, we make available an old friend "Root Beer Float". So come on in and satisfy your inner cravings......See you soon!

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