Attention Makes Us Blush: EggZack Named Top Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Attention Makes Us Blush: EggZack Named Top Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Why is Eggy blushing? We're blushing with pride after being named one of the top sales and marketing tools for small businesses!

In an article published by Business News Daily, EggZack is listed as one of six marketing services small business owners should know about. EggZack is once again emerging as the leader in affordable, effective products designed to help small businesses sell more.

"We are thrilled with the recognition," said CEO and co-founder Jon Zack. "The EggZack system is helping thousands of small businesses, and we can't wait to help millions more."

As journalist David Mielach wrote, "EggZack offers marketing solutions for businesses that can integrate all marketing channels and show businesses which marketing efforts are effective. Because the service is automated, business owners can focus on other areas of their business that need their attention."

From the patented social media integration, to customized relevant content, EggZack offers a range of products to help small businesses sell more. Prices range from $75 to $275 a month, with websites ranging from a one-time setup fee of $390 to $1490 putting EggZack well below the competition's price without sacrificing a high quality product.

"These are small business owners, not Fortune 500 companies," said Zack. "We're not trying to bleed them dry, we want small businesses to succeed. We want them to become the go-to spot for their product or service in their field."

In an unusual move, EggZack has no contract for businesses; a decision Zack says gets to the very heart of the EggZack mission. "If the EggZack system turns out to not be what the client needs, why would we make them pay for it? If it's not working, and it's not [a technical issue], I don't want to make money because we're forcing people to pay us. That's just bad business."

However, Zack says EggZack loses very few clients.

"Once clients start using EggZack, very few stop. It's not just powerful, it's fun to see how effective it can be. We have clients and enthusiastic supporters for life."

To learn more about EggZack, or to request a free walk-through of the system, visit the website at